Hi! I'm Dan. A Website & Brand Identity Designer based in Finland. I help brands to distill emotions to their customers through storytelling. I work through metaphors and associations.

Tofu (Coming Soon)
Brand Identity and Website Design for a marketing tool powered by AI

Brand Identity for a global leader in labor market analytics

Brand Identity for a collaboration platform (SaaS)
Naming, Brand Identity, Label Design for a new brewery
Brand Identity & Naming for a bakery.
Brand Identity & Naming for the math school
Label Design for Rum company
Sales Deck
Email newsletter, social media assets, static ads/UGC content.
Banners & Email Newsletter for a Lego in Russia & Ukraine.
Web Design & Development for a Dubai Based Web3 Support.
Web Design & Development for a video production company
Web Design for a company who creates sustainable and smart getaways.
Web Design & Development for a Moscow Festival
In Vino Veritas
Promo Poster
Promo Poster
The Enchaned Worlds
Promo Poster
Promo poster for a rave event
Naming and poster for a brewery brand that has interesting flavours to offer.
Clown Fiesta
Addressing the problem of finding job in a 21st century and how rotten the hiring process is.
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