Brand Identity, 2022

Lightcast has a 20-year history of gathering and analyzing data to drive economic prosperity and mobility. They provide insights to develop people, institutions, companies, and communities.
Based on workshops the outlined goal was to make them feel bright and optimistic. Make them humble, yet impactful partner.
Lightcast's brand identity conveys a narrative of collaboration and progress. Their logo, named the "Tessell" due to its tessellated pattern, features two interlocking polygons.

This design represents the partnership that Lightcast offers to its clients, with the taller polygon indicating an upward trajectory towards growth and success.
Visual language
Lightcast's visual brand is primarily based on a monochromatic color scheme of black and white, but is accentuated with bright pops of color that exude the positive energy that the company brings to its endeavors.

The development of this color palette involved creating a method for blending colors, which is referred to as the "Glow." This Glow is then utilized in various patterns and backgrounds to maintain a cohesive and uniform visual language throughout the brand identity.
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