Harry & Larry

Naming, Label, Personal 2023

New beer brand that is owned by two brothers with the goal to inspire people to take life easy and have fun.
To create an identity that will reflect values of freedom and easygoingness, stand out from the competitors and not only attract the main target audience (Men 18-25). But also middle aged men (28-35)
Easy to remember naming
The name, as well as the whole identity is inspired by the TV-series "Beavis and Butthead" - two rebel brothers who do stupid stuff. Which fits perfectly to the feel and vibe that two owner brothers want to achieve.

That's why here for the name I've picked two owner brother names which are unique in the beverage industry, trademarkable and what most important - easy to pronounce and remember.

Visual style
The visual style for the brand is surrounded by the Illustrations - which is the main aspect of the identity. Each flavour has its unique illustration that is aligned with each unique name given to it.

Illustrations are intentionally done in somewhat sketchy, comics like format to create personal, rebel and free feel.
Interactive can label
Not only the brand is going to be sold in bottles, it will also have a beer in cans. I decided to make them more interactive and even collectible to some extent. The idea is to place one face on one can and another face to another creating this interesting visual interest.

It will not only create a visual interest on the shelves, but also will become a collectible item in someone decor and shared on social media as a funky interactive element. At the end of the day - we are not only trying to just sold on a shelves, but use all marketing slivers.
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