Moonas Sleep

Email newsletter, social media assets, static ads/UGC content.

Moonas is a bluetooth sleeping mask and my main tasks were to create a creatives for them - static imagery ads + UGC content. And email newsletter
Make a marketing materials that would feel authentic, and carrying. We wanted to translate a feel of empathy. As well as staying high-tech and modern.
Facebook ads
I've created both 9:16 and 1:1 ads that all touch different marketing angles to test out. As well as the text was kept casual, but at the same tame very much carrying.
Email newsletter
For the email newsletter I've created the 3 main flows. Welcome message, abandoned cart and thank you message. Those are going to make sure that we don't leave customer hanging and maximise the sales for Moonas.
UGC content & video ads
Video ads by its nature converts better than the static ads. That's why we wanted to test them as well. At the very beginning we had 3 creatives with 3 different angles and approach to it, to monitor how it will perform.
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