Brand Identity, 2023

TaskHive is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that offers a range of services, including project management and team collaboration tools.
To create an identity that positions TaskHive as a leading provider of web-based solutions, communicates its focus on simplicity and efficiency.
Collaboration in its fullest
The association for the whole identity is about the bee-hive. Just as bees work together in a hive to achieve a common goal, the brand's web-based solutions enable businesses to collaborate and work together more efficiently.

The hive also symbolizes organization and productivity, which aligns with the brand's focus on streamlining workflows and increasing productivity.

Additionally, the metaphor of a beehive used to emphasize the brand's commitment to simplicity, as bees work together in a highly efficient and simple manner.
Evolving identity
The brand system uses a technological, yet friendly colour palette. Subtle gradients paired with an elegant and humane typeface that creates this strong contrast to the technological identity.

On top of that sprinkling it up with the very humane photography of people expressing natural emotions, not stock alike. An emotion that people would have after experiencing the app(s)
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