Sweet It

Naming, Branding, Personal 2022

To translate the love and authenticity that the brand has to offer, while appealing a bit high-end.
Sweet It is a baker who's aim is to create authentic pastries with love.
Name that speaks for itself
The name we've landed on is "Sweet It". It has those two features that help it to stand out. The name is relatively catchy and can be also used as a tagline. Also it stands out from another bakeries, which again would have a strong marketing advantage.
Flexible and simple
The design for the identity turned out to be relatively airy and clean, which creates this aspect of elegancy and purity. At the same time
low contrasting imagery with the product play a massive part in conveying the authenticity and love.

It also is flexible for the marketing reasons as the layout can have different shapes of form without looking too boring. As you saw in the two pictures above, we use the same elements but in a different way which creates more interesting look.

Pattern was created based on the logo that can be used in the packaging as well as just by itself as a sticker.

Ilustrations and taglines
To not always being attached to an actual product photography. I've created an illustrations that look really scrappy and simple which gives this simplistic and free vibe.

Also we've decided that the brand, instead of having just one tagline, would have many, that create the factor of surprise and are phrase in a really witty manner.

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