Easy math crew

Brand Identity, Naming, Personal 2022

To create brand that can reflect the like-pal vibes, look bold, but at the same time not push away the parents.
Easy math crew is a school in London that aims to bring teachers and teenagers on the same page. They believe that math should be easy and fun for all level of students.
Name that speaks loud
After the naming workshop I managed to come with the name that not only isn't trademarked and taken, but what's most importantly speaks loud and bold.

In regards to a Word Mark I've used bold typeface with slight modifications to even reinforce our feel. As for the LogoMark I've used a rectangle within which there's a grid, where each block represents a student. In conjunction with animation, giving the logo a full-on life.
Visual elements
As was highlighted above for the key-visual I've decided to go with the graphic idea - stickers. Not only it works well with the big and bold typography, it also fits well to the audience and personality of the brand being bold, playful and friendly. Also it allows to use stickers in many forms e.x laptop stickers for students, pins, bags e.t.c.

More to that, what's written there on the stickers, wasn't chosen randomly, each sticker - is a student. If you pay close attention each sticker has different levels of math knowledge from easy 3*3 to hard things like integral D(x). The idea is that all level teenagers are welcomed from the very newbies in Math (1st grade) up to 11th grade students.
Scalable identity
Identity smoothly transferd to the website to maintain the cohesive feel guiding the user through the same experience throughout all touchpoints.
Creative photography
For the creative photography we went with casual photos of the students where for most marketing materials faces are covered with parts from the key visual. As I've mentioned above - each sticker is like a student with specific math knowledge.
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